Announcement: What to expect this month and next…

Here's what I've been thinking about doing during September, One to three short stories (expect Horror and Mystery, Halloween is upon us!). Short reviews/reflections of a handful of newly released movies (right now I am thinking, Ingrid Goes West) A compilation list of my favorite Halloween movies! A review/reflection of a select Musician. Basically through … Continue reading Announcement: What to expect this month and next…


Flash Fiction #7 (Hospital Stay)

Hospital Stay by Alina Happy Hansen He sits propped up on some pillows. The sick smell of bleach and antiseptic is inescapable. His neighbor groans in pain behind the curtain partition. The TV flickers every other minute, the signal weak. A voice calls to him from outside the opened window. His heart beats furiously. The … Continue reading Flash Fiction #7 (Hospital Stay)

Free Hand #37 (Hitchcock’s Frenzy)

photo source:   Last night I watched Alfred Hitchcock's FRENZY with my boyfriend Dallas. Really good movie but it's about a rapist/murderer that kills a bunch of women...had some pretty graphic scenes and social commentary on/about women hmmmmmmm. Here's a small poem I did today in reflection of it.   Hitchcock's Frenzy   The empty body … Continue reading Free Hand #37 (Hitchcock’s Frenzy)