Short Story Series: “Bertha” (Part 2)

"Bertha" (Part 2): Ongoing series by Alina Happy Hansen Emilio imagines her as a pirate queen. Her eye plucked out of her head in a fight on some deserted island. Searching for treasure or maybe searching for another hit. He pours her beer and goes to clean the racks in the fridge under the bar. … Continue reading Short Story Series: “Bertha” (Part 2)


Short Story Series: “Bertha” (Part 1)

Hello Everyone! I have decided I'm going to start a new series in my Short Stories section. I will begin with my original (work in progress) short story titled "Bertha". This short story will be broken up into multiple posts that I will publish over time (maybe once or twice a week). I want to … Continue reading Short Story Series: “Bertha” (Part 1)