Short Story Sample: The Bump

This is a rough draft of a short story I've been working on for a while. WARNING: Graphic details and gore elements.   The Bump by Alina Happy Hansen   Alison touched the back of her head. There was a tiny bump at the base of her skull. She pretended to scratch her head just… Continue reading Short Story Sample: The Bump

Short Story: Amelia (Part #1)

This is an excerpt from a short story series I started working on three years ago. Found these remnants earlier today and I am thinking about working on these stories again and posting my work. Amelia brushed her long blonde hair, applied a little make up here and there, smoothing out her frazzled black skirt,… Continue reading Short Story: Amelia (Part #1)

Mrs. Morrison’s Afternoon

This is a short story I wrote for a submission for This site gives a prompt called 'the first line' which for this particular submission period was, "Mrs.Morrison was too busy to die." This story was declined but I am very fond of it. I also admire for their ingenious prompts and amazing… Continue reading Mrs. Morrison’s Afternoon

The Door (revision/part #2)

Working on 'The Door', this is a revision. I want to show my readers my creative process; what I edit, delete, move or expand. I would also love to develop this short story into something a little larger. ORIGINAL POST It swings open slowly.The house is empty and the creaks keep her awake at night.… Continue reading The Door (revision/part #2)

An Encounter (warning: contains profanity and gore)

Here is a short story I wrote for a writer's club competition that was declined. I've been thinking about this story a lot recently and was considering rewriting a few parts and expanding. I decided to post the original here, in case I post 'An Encounter: Version #2' when I make edits. This is to… Continue reading An Encounter (warning: contains profanity and gore)

Short Story Sample: The Tenant

Hello! In addition to my latest post (Sample of Poetry) I have decided to post a Sample Short Story for all my readers. This short story 'The Tenant' was first written at the beginning of this year. As you may notice, it is extremely short. I should probably clarify that I love to write short… Continue reading Short Story Sample: The Tenant