Day of Remembrance

Every year on this day America remembers the loss that we experienced on September 11th, 2001. A day that changed America dramatically. Even though I am young, I still remember that day and my own memories and experiences on that day still vividly remain with me. There are no words that can accurately describe the … Continue reading Day of Remembrance


Free Hand #37 (Hitchcock’s Frenzy)

photo source:   Last night I watched Alfred Hitchcock's FRENZY with my boyfriend Dallas. Really good movie but it's about a rapist/murderer that kills a bunch of women...had some pretty graphic scenes and social commentary on/about women hmmmmmmm. Here's a small poem I did today in reflection of it.   Hitchcock's Frenzy   The empty body … Continue reading Free Hand #37 (Hitchcock’s Frenzy)

Reflection: Complete Poems of Ernest Hemingway

(image: The Complete Poems of Ernest Hemingway I found this book at my beloved Sam Weller's here in Salt Lake City. Their poetry section is large and impressive. Needless to say thanks to them I find amazing poetry books regularly. Thank you Wellers!  This collection of poems brings amazing insight into how Hemingway developed … Continue reading Reflection: Complete Poems of Ernest Hemingway