Free Hand #15 (Give Me My Music)

It's been raining all week. Nice weather, I like it very much. Currently reading about four books simultaneously on different things, fiction and poetry books. Also listening to Lady Gaga's latest album Joanne (2016).   Cannot see the sun, the blood in my mouth bubbles over my lips and my mind swims in the dark.… Continue reading Free Hand #15 (Give Me My Music)

Free Hand #14 (Speculative Poetry)

It's only Tuesday and it feels like the end of the week for me. I often take into account the weather when I start my daily writing. I try to work through my environment before writing on other subjects. Also, listening to: Veruca Salt, Album: Ghost Notes (2015)     SPECULATIVE POETRY   Daytime with… Continue reading Free Hand #14 (Speculative Poetry)

Free Hand #13 (Synthetic City)

Today is one of those days that I struggle with SLC. This is a rough piece that I jotted down about my own personal conflict with SLC.   My blood is hot and the water boils against my skin. The cool wave of wind holds tight to my skin, breathing through my clothes and outlining my… Continue reading Free Hand #13 (Synthetic City)

Publication: Sand and Sky Launch Party

Yesterday I attended Rumi Poetry Club's, Sand and Sky Launch Party. It was a fun event that included many key speakers who are prevalent poets in Utah. I want to say Thank You to Rumi Poetry Club for publishing my poem, Climbing up the Wasatch Mountains, and I would also like to thank my boyfriend,… Continue reading Publication: Sand and Sky Launch Party

Free Hand #8 (Worn Out)

It's Finals Week and between my huge assignments and work, I'm exhausted.   WORN OUT Creeping, itching tick tick tick, side of the face. I break off, a bone, a word to string together more bones more words for an essay, easy, no ese! essay...stuck drinking coffee, want to drink some beer. Tired and distraught,… Continue reading Free Hand #8 (Worn Out)