Flash Fiction #8 (Cowboy in the Desert)

Cowboy in the Desert


Alina Happy Hansen


He looks to the sky, the sun burns. The blue lake glitters in the distance. The sound of coyotes somewhere nearby. The gun is heavy on his hip, and his boots are full of sand. He takes a step then another. His chapped lips, cracked and bleeding. Hands limp and lifeless hanging in defeat. His horse dead, miles back, its black eyes shine in his mind as he shot it lying on its side dying of thirst. If he could just make it to the blue lake glittering in the distance.


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iZombie: Why the Living Dead matter

iZombie Poster

(photo source: imdb.com)

iZombie is a series based on the DC comic of the same name originally released in 2010. The TV show began in 2015 and is still running. There are currently four seasons out but I will be covering just the first three. The main premise of the show is about an underground existence of zombies in Seattle, Washington. Their existence was the result of a energy drink (similar to toxic sludge) at a 4th of July boat party turned massacre.

The main character is Olivia, a med student who is newly engaged to Major (Major what? No, his name is Major) after being scratched by a zombie on the boat. Olivia’s (also called ‘Liv’, lol pun on Live) life dramatically changes as her skin and hair loses color and her craving for brains (dowsed in hot sauce) becomes more voracious. Liv becomes a medical examiner, coroner, for the police department allowing her access to fresh brains which she consumes in secret. Her partner, Ravi, also works as a coroner and quickly discovers her eating brains. Ravi’s reaction is the first of many markers in the show that makes it unique for the zombie genre. Ravi is intrigued by Liv’s condition and begins researching the cause for her zombification as well as a cure which is the overall goal for the entire series.

The next character that plays a major role in the series is Clive Babineaux, a detective at the police department. This is where it gets interesting. In this story, after a zombie eats a humans brains they have spontaneous visions belonging to that person. So, after Liv eats the fresh brains she finds in the morgue, suddenly she begins to have visions that relate to the victims death. She is compelled to help solve mysteries relating to homicides and soon teams up with Babineaux who is led to believe she is a psychic with incredible accuracy. The duo begins to solve mysteries, some of which are related to the mysterious energy drink that caused this secret zombie outbreak. Along with Ravi’s help, these three find themselves getting closer to the truth.

Other Key Characters:

Peyton, Liv’s best friend who works for the legal system, learns that Liv is a Zombie.

Major, Liv’s ex-fiance that struggles with a changed Liv and later learning of her Zombification.

Blaine, a ‘Spike-like’ character reminiscent of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, who is refreshing, evil (at times), and highly manipulative. An admirable adversary for Liv.

These characters are interwoven throughout the story and play out their own particular story lines that contribute to the overall story as a whole.

Key aspects that bring something new to the Zombie genre:

Eating brains gives you visions.

There are zombies already among us, living in secret.

There are zombie-led organizations that influence the lives of humans and zombies.

Zombies are presented as individuals, or together as a minority group under attack by humans. For the most part the zombies try to blend into society in fear that their discovery will lead to their death (‘death-death’ for the living dead: beheading etc).

Although some of these aspects may already be in other comics/movies/tv shows, I believe it is the approach that gives iZombie its uniqueness.

Key aspects about the show that stand out:

There are comic-book qualities to the show, for instance, the memorable intro that is presented as comic book panels, chapter breaks that are marked by a still of the last shot which morphs into comic-like art, and the precise structure of each episode that is form fitting to a comic in a series.

iZombie possesses qualities that can mark it as a meta-show, the show’s ability to be self-reflexive. For example when characters discuss zombie movies/shows within itself while hinting at a critique of iZombie (I noticed this more often in Season 3).

A killer soundtrack, often songs are sung and performed by the character Blaine throughout the series. They are mostly classic rock hits among others but the songs add a little more ‘art’ to the show. Often the songs are sung/played at the end of each episode to gain an emotional effect from the audience while also reflecting what just happened.


iZombie ranks #3 on imdb’s list of “Most Popular ‘Based on Graphic Novel’ Titles”.

This show has high ratings and a lot of admirers for its style and subject matter. I among them find this show to be very well put together and genuinely intriguing to watch. I look forward to watching Season 4, especially after the the end of Season 3 which left me aghast.

(Note: Contrary to professional movie/tv show reviews, I did not include the actors/actresses names after introducing the main characters. I have included the link to imdb.com that possesses all this information. This is just me writing informally.)


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Announcement: Working on…

Penny Dreadful Poster  Salem Poster iZombie Poster

photo sources: imdb.com



Here is an update of what I am planning on posting in the next couple of weeks!


I realized I haven’t done two ‘Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ (May and June). This is because I’ve been working a ton and trying to get my personal life in order this summer. Not an easy feat. So do expect a combined post ‘May/June Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ very soon.


I am still under a pile of books that I have been reading this summer. I hope to have two or more finished by the end of this month and a reflection post for each one.


I have a few ideas on posts under my subsection of writing ‘Film, Music, Art’, here is what I’m considering (give any suggestions in the comments below!!!).

Reflection/Review Post:

Penny Dreadful



These are all series available on Netflix. They are some of my favorites. I have been thinking about doing a review on one or all of them this summer.

That is all I am thinking about right now!

Please feel free to leave any suggestions etc. in the comments below! I will take all suggestions into consideration!

As usual expect my ‘Free Hand #’s’ poetry posts as well as my ‘Flash Fiction #’s’ I will be doing those regularly still.

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Flash Fiction #5 (Dinner)



Alina Happy Hansen


He hums to himself sharpening his knives. Her voice echoes down the hall.

He positions himself, ready to slice. Her voice grows louder from down the hall.

He looks at the meat, the red, bloody slab and begins to cut, cut it all up, into

tiny bitty pieces until there is nothing left to cut up any more. Her voice echoes,

a scream, from down the hall. The sizzle of the meat in a hot pan. She calls out,

“WHERE’S MY DINNER?!” at the top of her lungs.



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Flash Fiction #3 (When Words Lose Meaning)

Here is a rough version of a Flash Fiction piece I am working on.


approx. word count: 130

When Words Lose Meaning


Alina Happy Hansen


His eyes are black, she drones on, picking up her wine glass. Sips and mutters something under her breath. Her beauty blossoms in the candlelight but her words are poison, tarnishing her image. He wonders how such a beautiful woman could be so cruel. After weeks of being with this woman he has found himself growing more and more disgusted by her. Suddenly her freckles become abrasive markings, her lips stained and creased, her teeth yellow and her eyes, a dark abyss that swallows him whole. Her image begins to slip in front of him as she reveal who she really is. In the end he will marry her because everyone admires her beauty but he will no longer value words and live a life of deceptive imagery.


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Flash Fiction #2 (Death and Kittens)

approx. word count: 140


Death and Kittens


Alina Happy Hansen


Mama cat cradled her kittens, suckling softly on her underbelly. Somewhere there was a gunshot. Somewhere, somebody died. The ones that can’t reach the nipple mew and cry. There are tire screeches around the corner of the alley and the sound of car doors opening, feet pounding on the cement, a chorus of men shouting. Mama cat peaks out her head from the side of the moldy cardboard box to look. Men are running towards her and her kittens, red and blue flashes against the brick buildings. Mama cat tenses up, moving slightly, kittens fall off her swollen nipples. Loud shots echo through the air. A man falls, his body smacks the pavement. Blood in his eyes, he sees a dilapidated cardboard box next to a dumpster, tiny eyes glowing in the darkness stare at him as he loses consciousness.

Summer Fiction List: News

It has been a few weeks since I announced I would be compiling a Summer Fiction List of all the books that I plan to read this summer. I have had difficulty in coming up with this list and I believe it is because I get overwhelmed when I plan out what I’m going to read.

So I have decided I will post little lists incrementally throughout the summer, biting off pieces that I can chew so I don’t choke.

Here is this first ‘little’ Summer Fiction List,

  1. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  2. One Select Philip K. Dick Novel
  3. Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King
  4. One Select Novel by Neil Gaiman, (I’m thinking American Gods)
  5. One or More Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling


First one on the list is NOT an easy read. I tried starting Infinite Jest last winter with my boyfriend but we didn’t get very far. It is a modest 981 pages but I want to try again.

I love Philip K. Dick but have not read much of his work, I want to do this this summer.

Since it is a new King novel, I am curious, so I plan on reading Gwendy’s Button Box.

I have attempted reading American Gods a couple times but life always distracts me from finishing. I want to finish American gods this summer.

I have been on a Harry Potter binge for the last eight months. I’ve read every single one since then and am currently on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


I am looking forward to getting some reading done this summer. I want to broaden my horizons and read more than just stacks of Poetry since that is what I always end up doing (this is not a bad thing but I need to explore other areas more frequently).

If anyone has any suggestions for fiction, please leave title and author info in a comment below and let me know why you would recommend it.

Lastly, I want to say Thank You to all my followers and daily readers that have continued to read my writing and frequent announcement posts.





Flash Fiction #1 (The Cup)

Here’s the first of many weekly Flash Fiction pieces I will be posting on my blog. All pieces will have less than 150 words.


(word count approx: 110)


The Cup


Alina Happy Hansen


The dog barks at the sound of the mail man shuffling onto the porch. Marie walks into the kitchen, the coffee maker almost done gurgles the last bits of hot water and spits out the hot black nectar. She pours herself a cup and listens to the dog walking through the house. There is something a little hard, a little chewy in her mouth. She sighs, frustrated, getting rinds in her coffee again? Marie dumps out the rest of her cup into the sink, her stomach turns. The dead washed up body of a giant spider lays lifeless in a pool of coffee slowly dripping down the drain, a leg missing.




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Announcement: Flash Fiction and more!


I will be posting ‘Flash Fiction’ pieces (100 words or less) starting next week. This is my way of practicing while also showing my creative process!

There will be one or two posts a week of my flash fiction next to my regular ‘Free Hand’ poetry posts.

Also, I am still working on building my Summer 2017 Fiction Book List, as well as a list of all the ‘How-to-‘ books on Poetry and Flash Fiction that I have read.

I want to thank all the people that have decided to follow me (106). I was amazed when I finally had a hundred people following my blog (sometime last week) and wanted to say thank you!

I look forward to this summer and cannot wait to correspond with others on wordpress about poetry and flash fiction (when the time comes)!

Thank You,


Questions about Writers Resist

I’ve been reading about Writers Resist. An organization to defend democracy and rights in America in which writers get together and use their talents to resist corruption. I’m interested by this since for the past five months I’ve been struggling along with everyone else at the state of our Nation and the politics that are now becoming a very large obsession in everyone’s day to day lives. The feeling of tension and uncertainty is almost palpable sometimes. It’s hard to adjust to this extremely hyperactive obsessive society and I feel like at this moment the fight for human rights is as important as ever.

I am trying to familiarize myself with the Writers Resist and was wondering if anyone had more information on this.

I’ve noticed that there are two websites,




I am going to keep researching this movement and would love to take part. But I would like to know the differences between the two sites and if these differences relate to a solid organization versus an informal gathering and events. I will post my findings soon. Please leave any info or reflections on Writers Resist in comments below.