It's just one thing after another. What to do about DACA?   And what is left of us now? Our values that we preach as a country, the words within and without that we define and create what is real.  Who is valued and who is who, creating definitions, creating borders. This leads us nowhere towards … Continue reading DACA


Announcement: What to expect this month and next…

Here's what I've been thinking about doing during September, One to three short stories (expect Horror and Mystery, Halloween is upon us!). Short reviews/reflections of a handful of newly released movies (right now I am thinking, Ingrid Goes West) A compilation list of my favorite Halloween movies! A review/reflection of a select Musician. Basically through … Continue reading Announcement: What to expect this month and next…

Free Hand #68

Artifice, and imitation thoughts that breath air into objects, that have no meaning. There is too much thinking going on here.   If you are reading this Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing! I hope you will return in the future! -Alina