Notebook Excerpts #2 (March 2017)

Here is the second ‘Notebook Excerpts’ post. These bits are from the recently completed notebook from March 2017.

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key: + marks breaks in writing


The color fades from the sky, and

the hardest part is

letting go. Letting the sun set-completely-

I can’t do this.


There is an edge to the blade that makes it all the more appealing.


We’re disturbed by the quietness of the blood/the way in which it flows.

All these nights bury themselves against our pain.


The bitterness in my heart throbs every once in a while.


The sun is coming out-and the

body bathes in the light till

there is no light left.

And what do I do? To survive?

What do I do? For you, how is

that possible?

Am I cold, dislodged and

fallen apart?

I’m not sure.


Listening to the Robert Johnson record I got today.

“Best of” record. I am surprised by how much I know

all these songs. And I am again overwhelmed and bathing in his music.

His voice

The emotion behind it.

He doesn’t need a band/never did need one. He’s got it all with his


-So Slick

(Delta Blues)


And these thoughts bubble in

my head. all that comes around,

you fade and follow me-into

the disillusioned mind.


The Knife that CUTS

the words that cling to

my dying body.

Mouth opens completely.


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Announcement and Notebook Excerpts #1


Hello Readers!

Until my wordpress page is completed and no longer ‘Under Construction’ I will post a few samples of what I plan on doing regularly. I have already done this with a ‘Book Reading List’ that was published last week that contains my favorite books of Poetry/Collections/Anthologies that I own.


This is a sample of a monthly post I plan on doing starting in April 2017.

Every month I write one full 200 paged Notebook. I write daily for a minimum of two hours on anything that I want as long as it is writing (NOT JOURNAL ENTRIES), I have completed one notebook for each month consecutively for the past three years. In my notebooks I write poetry, bits and pieces of observations, and short short stories. At the end of the month I go over my notebook and highlight parts that I think are the best. Those parts I type up and archive for my records. If something really strikes me I pull it out of my archives and expand on it (this is the beginning of my process for writing poems and short stories).

So without further ado, I give you a sample excerpt from my notebook Feb 2017 (Notebook Excerpt #1).


Notebook Excerpt #1 (Feb 2017)

key: ‘+’ marks separation between ‘poems/pieces’. 

‘START’ and ‘END’ bold and italicized mark the beginning and end of the excerpts.



Blue heaven above me

Barreled up against the sun


Her body is covered in a glittery slime

Death does not prove the existence of a god (gods).

Smell of cat shit in cat litter.


Whiter, the petals become. The color sucked out of them.


Eyes claim that there was once something great in the sky that lived there once.


The heat comes on, a low rumble,

through the house.

But it is in vain for the windows are old, they are drafty cracked dirty.


Lines in deep depression drawn against the sky


Where is the sun,

The golden sphere?


It is cold, freezing. I’m trying to keep myself awake trying to keep myself hollowed out so that there will be something there to fill


I follow myself into a place of utter darkness.

You broke me into hell. My body doomed, full of desire and death.


I am here, skull eyeballs and spine.

Hole in my head.





Vanished into the darkened blue


Heaven is a dream that never ends


Within the catacomb of

The soul, a hive grows of

Festering flesh and blood glistening

in honey and cream.



This is just a sample and does not contain the complete NB Excerpt for Feb 2017, future posts for ‘Notebook Excerpts’ will be longer.


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