Hemlock Grove: Netflix Series and Novel

WARNING: CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS I am a big fan of the Hemlock Grove series that was featured by Netflix from 2013-2015. After starting the first season I was instantly pulled into this strange horror/suspense series and shortly after I decided to read the novel (Hemlock Grove) that the Netflix series was based on by Brian… Continue reading Hemlock Grove: Netflix Series and Novel

Opioid/Heroin Addiction in Utah

I know this isn't related to my categories Film, Music, Art for reflections but because I find this relevant to SLC, UT (where I live) and kind of mind-blowing, I've including this small reflection on Opioid/Heroin Addiction and Overdose related deaths in Utah. I recently did a project for one of my classes in which… Continue reading Opioid/Heroin Addiction in Utah

Fight Club: Reflection #1

Hello Readers! I have debated on doing a reflection on Fight Club (1999) for a while now. I know I could analyze and critique hundreds of points in this film but have decided to do a small reflection on Tyler Durden's Philosophy of Life for today. I found this short snippet labeled with this title (Philosophy of Life) on… Continue reading Fight Club: Reflection #1

Announcement: Films, Music, Art Topics

Hello Readers! I plan on posting a few things this week, here is what to expect, Poetry: Post that includes 1-3 poems that I am currently working on. Short Story: Post that includes a short story that I am currently working on.   Films, Music, Art: Here are the topics I am considering writing on,… Continue reading Announcement: Films, Music, Art Topics

T2: Response and Reflection

WARNING: SPOILERS ALERT (source: imdb.com) The shots, cuts and camera angles used in T2 reflect the style and tone of Trainspotting (1996). Paired with a gritty soundtrack that ranges from classics-remixed or toned down- from Trainspotting and contemporary music, the film exudes in its technique the theme of T2; nostalgia and coming to terms with your… Continue reading T2: Response and Reflection

ANNOUNCEMENT: working on a reflection for T2!

In response to my first post Returning to Trainspotting: The Release of T2 I am working on a reflection of T2 which I did go and see a couple days ago. All I can say right now is, heart-wrenching.  I hope to have the reflection polished, done and posted within the next few days. It will… Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: working on a reflection for T2!

Nine Inch Nails: Soundtrack to a Life I’ve Never Lived

Among the countless bands that I listen to there is not a single one that can compare to Nine Inch Nails. Founded by Trent Reznor in the late 1980's (wiki) who has outlasted so many of his contemporaries. NIN (latter 'N' should be reversed) and other bands/projects by/with Reznor have a heart of their own, beating with… Continue reading Nine Inch Nails: Soundtrack to a Life I’ve Never Lived

Returning to Trainspotting: The Release of T2

(photo source: imdb.com) Trainspotting directed by Danny Boyle came out in 1996. I was just a toddler when it was released but first saw it in my teens. It was accompanied with a slew of movies that were deemed 'classic' by my friends and family which included  A Clockwork Orange (1971), SLC Punk (1998) and Fight Club… Continue reading Returning to Trainspotting: The Release of T2