Flash Fiction #6 (Isolation)



Alina Happy Hansen


Alone and unloved, she sits in a room that is pale and plain just like her. The window lets the sun in, trickling across the floor, across the wall until it vanishes each night from sight. There are movements and sounds coming from the rest of the house, voices seep through the walls. The other women’s howls slice through the silence. Rooms become cages to keep in the hysteria and pain. The room is her tomb where she waits for her family, sitting there in a chair, staring out the window into the sun.


Inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper , horrible stories of Asylums and women being treated for ‘Hysteria‘. 



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Flash Fiction #5 (Dinner)



Alina Happy Hansen


He hums to himself sharpening his knives. Her voice echoes down the hall.

He positions himself, ready to slice. Her voice grows louder from down the hall.

He looks at the meat, the red, bloody slab and begins to cut, cut it all up, into

tiny bitty pieces until there is nothing left to cut up any more. Her voice echoes,

a scream, from down the hall. The sizzle of the meat in a hot pan. She calls out,

“WHERE’S MY DINNER?!” at the top of her lungs.



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Free Hand #29

So slick, the body pulls back from the ocean tide. The waves collapse

against the shore. Where did you find me? Among the rubble and washed up

bleached out, salted wood? I am waiting silently under the millions of stones

that litter this beach. I am waiting to be revived, returned to the land of the



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Flash Fiction #4 (The Lighthouse)

The Lighthouse


Alina Happy Hansen


There she stood. Her figure silhouetted against the moon, distant and lonesome,  looking out towards the sea. The spinning light reached out across the void, touching waves, touching clouds until disappearing back behind the trees. Lighthouse, candle, and a memory of a death. He calls out to her from the door, hoping she’ll come back inside, inside his arms, inside the house, and forget it all. Forget the blood, the pain and the small grave.


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Reflection: Singing School by Robert Pinsky

(photo: amazon.com)

This is a short reflection of Singing School by Robert Pinsky  which was one of the poetry books on My Summer Poetry Reading List. It has taken me a while to finish it since I’ve been neck deep in reading the Harry Potter books among many others.

I admit I had some assumptions about what this book would be when I picked it up. I thought it would be thorough and detailed writing advice from Pinsky. What I really found was a miniature anthology of poems picked out by Pinsky that are presented as examples and inspiration to poets. This was a slight disappointment to me since I have more than enough anthologies of poems and I was looking for more of a detailed guide books/manual with great advice. Still, the infectious reader in me had to finish what she started, so I read on. By the end I realized that these specific poems that Pinsky chose were more than just good examples but living, breathing pieces that were solid in form, approach, style and technique (they are of course written by ‘the masters‘). Quite a few of the poems I recognized from taking previous Poetry courses up at the University of Utah but there were a few that I did read for the first time. I realized that these pieces picked out by Pinsky showed his extraordinary talent and abilities when it comes to poetry. Simply stated: He knows what he’s talking about! Of Course!

The poems are sectioned off into different chapters that have specific themes such as, ‘Freedom‘, and ‘Listening‘. At the beginning of each chapter Pinsky introduces his selected poems by explaining a certain element of poetry. His detailed analysis paired with tying in examples from the poems to be read, create a vivid but short lesson. I found the ‘Listening‘ chapter and ‘Dreaming Things Up‘ to be my favorites.

Overall I wish there was more to this book. I feel that it is a brief introduction to Poetry and Poetry’s key elements for beginners. Since I’ve been reading, studying and writing Poetry for a few years now, I crave something more complex and challenging to learn from. I would recommend this book to any Pinsky readers or newbies to Poetry since it is nevertheless a fantastic book!


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Free Hand #28

I’m trying something different today. I’ve been reading a lot of old poems lately that span across a few hundred years so some of the language has been rubbing off on me.



I sought out relief for the pain in my stomach. It grows like the weeds that take root in the summer. It was no ailment, it was not sickness. It was knowing that some day I’d bear to witness a pain like no other I’ve ever experienced.



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