Free Hand #15 (Give Me My Music)

It’s been raining all week. Nice weather, I like it very much. Currently reading about four books simultaneously on different things, fiction and poetry books. Also listening to Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne (2016).


Cannot see the sun,

the blood in my mouth bubbles over my lips

and my mind swims in the dark. Twisting

thoughts and reminiscing about days

that never happened. You turn up and turn down

the music. I am angry and want nothing more

than a beat and voice to keep me going.

Life isn’t all dances and fun. There’s

heartache too.

oh well, never thought you’d be so rigid

about things like that.

Feel the dust in the air rise, right before it rains

right before a peel of thunder, shakes the house

with you and me inside.

I cannot see the sun anymore,

all I want is my music on a dark rainy day

give that to me, would you?


If you are reading this Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing. I hope you turn in the future!



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