Questions about Writers Resist

I’ve been reading about Writers Resist. An organization to defend democracy and rights in America in which writers get together and use their talents to resist corruption. I’m interested by this since for the past five months I’ve been struggling along with everyone else at the state of our Nation and the politics that are now becoming a very large obsession in everyone’s day to day lives. The feeling of tension and uncertainty is almost palpable sometimes. It’s hard to adjust to this extremely hyperactive obsessive society and I feel like at this moment the fight for human rights is as important as ever.

I am trying to familiarize myself with the Writers Resist and was wondering if anyone had more information on this.

I’ve noticed that there are two websites,


I am going to keep researching this movement and would love to take part. But I would like to know the differences between the two sites and if these differences relate to a solid organization versus an informal gathering and events. I will post my findings soon. Please leave any info or reflections on Writers Resist in comments below.



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