Notebook Excerpts #3 (April 2017)

Here are some excerpts from my April 2017 notebook!

key: pieces are separated by a ‘+’


How I bled.

Let it fall down, marble the cold sky. And the clouds are fat. FAT. in the meat of the sky. What are the words that break each other up and out, down and inside it all? How death becomes a reality eventually, for all of us.


Your sky buries itself down into the hell of my sky.


and the words open themselves, combine and dive into the hell of the mind. How I drew up and deconstructed the poison of my hell.

Hell, or purgatory.

and there is no quiet heart destroyed by the endlessness. No quiet heart explodes and climbs up up up…


All that I know buried against the sun. My blood returns cold and

crisp against the bitterness of one heart. Heart. Into another. What now? How does it relate to the cold? personage of a destroyed world. All my eyes bleed. Across my mouth the night climbs and buries itself. cold. cold against the sun.


Sickness in my gut

light shine too bright,


writing about poetry

it all blossoms with death.



Destruction is the key to the endless heart of it all. And I fade quietly into nothing cold and calm.


All over the world, the bits and pieces destroy each other.


The edge of my mind held me close to the edge of the night. All I do is dive into nothing the world follows me into nothing. All I seek, is doom in fire. Let go and crumble into the sky the edge is here and let go you never destroyed the edge of the night but embraced it.


Guitar, guitar


heater, book case, bookcase,

bookcases. laptop

just kidding.

window window


prison, prison,



If you are reading this, Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing! I hope you return in the future!


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