Free Hand #2: Poetry


The weather recently in Salt Lake City has been rainy. April is usually a stormy month but is highlighted with a few sparse days with sunshine. Recently a new law was passed that will be in effect starting next year.

Today is a rainy day.


Thunder echoing back against the sky, the grey clouds heavy with

rain, with snow, with the salty sadness that permeates this place.

And the white stuck to the mountain tops slides down, running water

at trickling speeds. Can’t hear the rivers rushing but the gutter will

be full soon enough, of wrappers and cans floating in sandy water.

And the flashes of lightning striking down upon us will illuminate

and desecrate this ‘promise land’. Bitterness in my heart towards

the laws that keeps a boot on my neck, shoveling beliefs in my face that

were never mine. Waiting for the rain to come and wash this shit city

away, glittering on its pedestal of ‘righteousness’.  That rumor I heard

that church and state are two different things was a fucking lie. This wasn’t

supposed to be a rant, this wasn’t supposed to be vengeful but the anger

in my heart is  there, echoing back against the sky, the grey clouds heavy

with smiling oppression.


Working on this piece. It’s more of a response to Governor Gary Herbert’s recent law that was passed. Starting next year anything .05% and above on a breathalyzer test (less than one beer) will result in a DUI. Next to the ridiculously strict liquor laws in this state (among other things) SLC is city were church and state are so obviously not separate.


If you’re reading this Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing! I hope you return in the future!


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