End of the Month Reflection

Hello readers! This is just an end of the month post reflecting on what I've done and what I plan to do with my blog. Firstly, I have made progress in posting 'Free Hand' poems and a few short stories as well as a 'Fight Club' reflection and 'T2' reflection. I am glad that I have… Continue reading End of the Month Reflection

Opioid/Heroin Addiction in Utah

I know this isn't related to my categories Film, Music, Art for reflections but because I find this relevant to SLC, UT (where I live) and kind of mind-blowing, I've including this small reflection on Opioid/Heroin Addiction and Overdose related deaths in Utah. I recently did a project for one of my classes in which… Continue reading Opioid/Heroin Addiction in Utah

Free Hand #8 (Worn Out)

It's Finals Week and between my huge assignments and work, I'm exhausted.   WORN OUT Creeping, itching tick tick tick, side of the face. I break off, a bone, a word to string together more bones more words for an essay, easy, no ese! essay...stuck drinking coffee, want to drink some beer. Tired and distraught,… Continue reading Free Hand #8 (Worn Out)

Short Story: Amelia (Part #1)

This is an excerpt from a short story series I started working on three years ago. Found these remnants earlier today and I am thinking about working on these stories again and posting my work. Amelia brushed her long blonde hair, applied a little make up here and there, smoothing out her frazzled black skirt,… Continue reading Short Story: Amelia (Part #1)

Free Hand #6

It is a beautiful day today. This is a rough draft of a poem I am working on. Deals with sight, ignorance and acceptance. I will probably post a revision of this poem in the next couple of days.   Sun crystallizes, rays break into glass, sharp enough to cut. your eyes glitter, always shining, reflecting… Continue reading Free Hand #6

The Canticle Launch Party: Publication

Today I attended the Launch Party for the University of Utah's Literary Journal The Canticle. I read my poem, 'Ready to Eat', and enjoyed listening to the other contributors readings. I want to thank the Head Editor, Sally G., for putting together and publishing this years journal as well as my boyfriend, Dallas, who took… Continue reading The Canticle Launch Party: Publication

Books I Love: Beautiful City of the Dead

'Books I love' is a sub part of my 'Book Lists' posts. It is a post that contains a review/reflection of one specific book that I have read.   (picture source: amazon.com) Beautiful City of the Dead by Leander Watts (a.k.a. Th. Metzger) is a young adult novel about a girl named Zee in a band… Continue reading Books I Love: Beautiful City of the Dead

Mrs. Morrison’s Afternoon

This is a short story I wrote for a submission for thefirstline.com. This site gives a prompt called 'the first line' which for this particular submission period was, "Mrs.Morrison was too busy to die." This story was declined but I am very fond of it. I also admire thefirstline.com for their ingenious prompts and amazing… Continue reading Mrs. Morrison’s Afternoon