Short Story Sample: The Tenant


In addition to my latest post (Sample of Poetry) I have decided to post a Sample Short Story for all my readers.

This short story ‘The Tenant’ was first written at the beginning of this year. As you may notice, it is extremely short. I should probably clarify that I love to write short short stories. I will probably post a few regular sized short stories in the future as well but for this sample I figured a short short would be perfect.

I plan on working on this story more in the future and may publish the changes later in the next couple months since I have a lot of ideas concerning this piece and multiple directions that I’d love to take it, if possible.

Synopsis: ‘The Tenant’ is a short short story about an occupant living in an apartment building. (Self Explanatory, I know).


The Tenant

 by Alina Happy Hansen

The letters piled up against the door. The carpet was a sponge that soaked it all up, fermenting as the days passed. The smell began to leak out, the neighbors began to complain till management was called and keys were found to open the door. A few weeks had passed since anyone had seen the tenant. The overweight scruffy middle aged man jingled and jangled the hoop of keys till he picked out the right one. Inserting the key and turning it till he heard a soft click. He opened the door slowly afraid of what he was going to find. Flies buzzed around it, landing on their utopia of decay. There on the table was a plate meat, rotten and slimed over dripping onto the carpet.



If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my work. I hope you return in the future!

Thank You,


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